Coyo Yoga
2163 Young Avenue,
Memphis, TN 38104


I’ve never done yoga before, what do I need to bring?

All you need is comfortable clothes like you would wear to the gym, maybe a water bottle, a towel,  and a positive attitude! We have yoga mats for you to borrow and any other props you may need.

I can’t even touch my toes. Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?

NO! Though yoga will help to improve flexibility, that is only one of the benefits and aspects of the yoga practice. Yoga also helps to build strength, balance, alleviate stress, and improve your state of mind. Anyone can do yoga!

Where do I Park?

We have off-street parking on both the East and West side of the building, so if you see a spot feel free to take it! In addition you can park on the street. We are right in the heart of Cooper-Young, so Street parking can be tricky, but there is usually spaces to be had on Blythe St.

Tips for new comers:

  • Before you come to class
    • Sign up online so your your spot is reserved and your instructor knows to expect you
    • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts in order to check-in get settled. Instructors may lock the studio door 10 min after class begins, so don’t be late!
    • Its best not to eat a big meal right before. Besides, that meal will taste even better after a great yoga class!
  • Once you get to the Studio
    • Check-in with your instructor¬†and notify him or her of any injuries or medical conditions
    • If you don’t have a yoga mat of you own just borrow one from us. Just remember to wipe it down after class to leave it clean for the next student!
    • Turn off or silence your cell phone
    • Take off your shoes/ socks and plate them in the cubbies
    • Use the restroom so that you won’t need to during class
    • Pick a spot where you can see your instructor and lay out your yoga mat. (If the class is full make sure to make room for your neighbor)
    • stay withing your limits, its OK to take breaks if it gets too difficult.
    • Have Fun!