Coyo Yoga
2163 Young Avenue,
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We believe our teachers should not only lead, but also co-create, everything we offer our students.

This yoga studio’s mission is to provide a fun, fresh, creative yoga experience for students. By offering a variety of yoga classes and disciplines from a varied group of talented and experienced yoga instructors, this studio aims to create a natural, supportive and fun space to practice yoga.


Susan Wilcox

Susan began practicing yoga like most people: she thought it would be a great stretch and a complement to other cardio exercises. She soon discovered that yoga was much more than a stretch and instead a series of awakenings, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Susan feels that the benefits of the physical practice are just a bonus to the true purpose of yoga, which is to connect and inspire from within. Approaching yoga with humor, love, and compassion, Susan strives to make each time she comes to the mat a new beginning and a joyful experience.


Susan thanks every teacher she has practiced with over the years who have been encouraging, supportive, and inspiring. Mainly, she thanks all of the students who have come into her life, as they have taught her more about the loving gift of yoga than they could ever know

Steve Black

Steve black profileIn his personal practice and as a teacher, Stephen takes a playful, exploratory, sometimes raucous, approach to yoga, focusing on gracefully and dynamically linking poses to the breath. A graduate of the Savannah (GA) Yoga Center’s 200 hour program and the Asheville Yoga Center’s 500 hour program, Stephen has over 3,000 houirs of teaching experience. Stephen approaches yoga as a movement meditation that deepens our awareness of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Michelle Mallory

Michele profilepic

Michele started her yoga journey as a runner looking to help soothe tight hamstrings and low back pain. She first practiced yoga with videos at home but finally got the courage to walk into her first yoga class ten years ago and was hooked. Michele began teaching in 2013 and completed her 200RYT in 2014 with teachers Johnna Smith and Susannah Herring of Grow Yoga School/ Hot Yoga Plus. Michele’s teaching is both instructional and playful as she combines traditional postures and sequences with creative choreography & music. Building flexibility is important, but strength is the focus of her flows. She is influenced by teachers such as Baron Baptiste, Cameron Shayne, Kino MacGregor and Kathryn Budig. Michele lives in East Memphis with her husband, Brian, sons Luke & Henry and the family dog, Minnie.



Elizabeth Heeren

Elizabeth profileElizabeth began practicing yoga on a dare. A friend, seeing how impossible it was for her to touch her toes, challenged her to try yoga. A long history of recreational sports had left her body extremely tight and injured. The challenge of yoga was the balance needed to change Elizabeth’s life. She is a living example of how yoga is for everyone. There is no one too old, sedentary, or tight to practice yoga. Come and try one of Elizabeth’s classes and see for yourself!

“One day I hope to be the person my dog thinks I am”



Leila Marten

Leila Marten profileLeila grew up a dancer and at the age of thirteen, a yoga studio opened up down the street from her house. looking to try something new, yoga seemed like a good fit. Her love for yoga quickly surpassed her love for dance as she began noticing the positive effects on the mind and body. Her practice continued to evolve and after college, in 2013, she made the decision to become a yoga instructor and make yoga her life.
Leila enjoys leading a dynamic vinyasa flow to strengthen the body and mind. After giving birth to her son this year she began exploring a gentle practice to compliment her dynamic flow that applies to new mothers. She also enjoys studying the essence of feminine power and how to cultivate positive feminine strength from within. Utilizing Ayurvedic Specialist training she often adopts a fusion of Ayurveda and vinyasa in her everyday classes to bring clarity and balance to all those who she teaches.

“As a lifelong Memphian and Midtowner I am so glad to be serving my community in a positive way. I believe yoga is for everyone and I strive to make yoga an inclusive activity everyone can enjoy.”


Leah Gloyd

leahpicLeah Gloyd is a unique individual with many facets to her existence. She graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelors of Natural Science Degree and to put it very simply, is a “jack-of-all-trades.” In addition to introducing others to yoga and meditation, she is also currently working on a few research projects in any spare time she might find between her many creative endeavors. Leah is currently the Historian and Librarian on the Board of Directors for the Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society and maintains quite a collection of rocks, crystals and minerals. She loves the great outdoors and is known to go on many random adventures with her golden retriever, Dexter. She is the eldest of 6 children and grew up with a maternal mindset and loves helping children learn and grow. She has recently begun acting upon her desire to teach yoga to the younger generations and can’t wait to see that pursuit grow. Leah grew up a gymnast, trained in Mixed Martial Arts throughout high school and college and has been practicing yoga for the past 5 years. Through personal experience, she is excited to share the multitude of benefits that yoga can bring into anyone’s individual life. She includes various topics that she has studied and researched within her vinyasa flows as well as an eclectic assortment of music, some of which you wouldn’t think to find in a yoga studio. Like heavy metal and rock n’ roll. Having been involved in MMA and seeing the benefit yoga had in her life, she is passionate about bringing yoga to people who have never tried it. Due to her involvement in”gym life” and the male-dominated world of MMA, she also looks forward to bringing yoga to those individuals in a way that they understand best: Loud music and a sweat-inducing, muscle-burning, total mind, body and spirit experience.
No matter who you are, what body you live within, or where you are in your life, Leah looks forward to teaching, learning and growing with every student she has the pleasure to meet. Changing the world happens one person, one experience, at a time. Yoga is only a piece to that puzzle. However, Leah believes that through the many aspects of what yoga truly is, we can truly begin to be the change we wish to see and she looks forward to crossing paths with every individual she is blessed to encounter on this journey called “Life.”

Allie Pittenger

allie-pAllie fell in love with yoga at the end of the very first class she took. Leaving that class she felt peace and contentment within herself that she hadn’t experienced before. It took a few months to begin a regular yoga practice, but once she did she could not deny the many benefits, both physically and mentally, the practice brought into her life. She decided to embark on a 200 hr. YTT program under Amy Morse at LifePower Yoga because she wanted to be able to share this feeling with others. Her classes are Ashtanga vinyasa based that blend fun music with challenging vinyasa flows to bring about strength and growth to the body and the mind. She is so grateful to be able to share this practice with the world and hopes by spreading this practice to others they can realize their full potential.

Mindy Johnson

LauraLee Madigan

LL attended her first yoga class in 8th grade as a complement to regular ballet practice. She continued to attend vinyasa and bikram yoga classes as part of her workout routine throughout high school and college, and continued to fall in love with the yoga practice. After graduating from Rhodes College in 2015, LL’s interest in holistic health and fitness led her to a job at lululemon athletica. Her company’s involvement in the fitness community led her straight to her yoga mat and her passion. LL’s yoga journey truly began with a 30 day challenge in Naples, Florida and continued when she transferred to lululemon Memphis in September of 2015, bringing her love of yoga and dedicated practice with her. She is currently a student of the DwiPada Yoga Teacher Training program focusing on the traditions of ashtanga and vinyasa yoga with her teachers Amy Morse and Michele Mallory. LL is looking forward to the next chapter in her yoga journey and is excited to share the love and happiness yoga has brought into her life with others.





Anne Schorr

Anne’s yoga story began in 1997 when she bought a rudimentary book on yoga while browsing at a book store in New York City. She started practicing asanas, casually, at home and even behind the counter of the East Village bakery where she worked. She became a certified Bikram instructor in 2011 and since then, has taught well over 1500 classes. Anne believes that yoga is something that anyone can do. You also didn’t have be into New Age or esoteric philosophy to receive its benefits. She loves that you can practice yoga ANYWHERE. You didn’t need fancy equipment. Just roll out your mat and go! Having some experience with dance classes, natural healing methods, and other fitness modalities; Anne recognizes and celebrates the balance between strength and flexibility that yoga offers as well as its body/mind connection.

While still pursuing her primary passion, which is music, Anne maintains a regular practice and is motivated by the belief that people don’t need to be intimidated by yoga. Yoga should, and can be accessible to all. She strives to create an atmosphere of inclusion, support and growth in all her classes

“Yoga will always be about that sense of wonder I feel connecting breath to movement and feeling, at least for a moment, a sense of awe and appreciation for my body just as it is, RIGHT NOW.”



Emily Dison

Emily moved to Memphis in 2011 to pursue her career with dance. She performed as an NBA dancer for the Memphis Grizzlies, while teaching for Cardio Barre Franchise based in Hollywood, CA. Classically trained in ballet, Emily is a choreographer and performing artist at local and professional organizations such as Playhouse on the Square and Tennessee Ballet Theatre. Emily is an Adv certified Reiki Practitioner, as well as an ambassador for Teeki, a clothing company operating on recycled products. Emily is inspired to bring this therapeutic practice of Buti Yoga to the city of Memphis, as she has found it helpful in dealing with anxiety and stress. She is grateful to be sharing this experience with CoYo, and is charged on happy vibes to watch this beautiful community of warriors grow and thrive!



Sai Boyella

Before Sai Boyella became a yoga teacher, she was a spiritual seeker struggling with many difficulties that tested her faith. As a 22 year old, she was dealing with heartbreak, depression, and the death of her mother, all while graduating college amidst the chaos of New York City.

Like the roots of a lotus requiring the mud at the bottom of the pond in order to grow, boundless love began to bloom within her from the challenges that she was facing. All of the pain that she felt acted as a catalyst for her to pursue peace through meditation. By closing her eyes, she was able to truly see the beauty and interconnectedness in all the people and places around her.

Once she felt the petals of peace begin to blossom within her, she knew she had to learn how to bring this profound experience to everyone. She chose to get her teaching certification from the Isha Hatha Yoga School in Southern India, for its focus to revive the ancient science of Hatha Yoga through pure classical teachings and its intensive 1,750 consolidated hours of residential training.

The yogic tools she obtained were devised by Isha’s founder, Sadhguru, to create individuals to impart yoga–not just for theoretical understanding–but as a living experience. Sai’s life has become about offering yoga that activates your inner energies in such a way that your body, mind, and emotions function at their highest peak. Once this occurs, it is her hope that one will experience the ultimate bliss of simply being.


Tegan Reeves

I believe we can fly.  But flying isn’t just about defying gravity.  To find flight is to break free of the things that hold us down. So I teach flight. We learn. Just like we learn anything else in life we learn from exploration, collaboration, acceptance and manipulation (the good kind). This is how we learn to fly. With attentive instruction, knowledgable feedback and intentional awareness we can all soar! My years of movement and leadership instruction all over the globe helped me develop awareness and understanding of brain-body techniques that work.  I believe in mindful movement. The kind that bridges controlling our physical body to controlling our energetic life. I believe that kind of movement can have a powerful impact on the way we live. As a PhD Student I am working to discover research based support to integrate mindfulness, asana and breathing techniques into the bodies




Rebecca Lesley-Paulk

Rebecca and yoga had a long flirtation before she finally committed to it about 5 years ago. Originally thinking yoga was a “have to” fitness activity to support her running addiction, the peace of the practice and mind/body transformation quickly converted her to a yogi. She will complete her 200 hour training with the Dwipada Teacher Training program in June and is very excited to meet her students on their mats, probably with a bad joke or two.




Sloan Lusk






Donna Miller

Donna Miller grew up enjoying dance and an active lifestyle.  After graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a BS in Exercise Science, she spent several years living in North Carolina and working in the pharmaceutical industry. She stayed connected to her passion of inspiring others to be active by teaching group fitness classes and sharing her love for movement.  She had always been told that yoga finds you when the time is right.  In the spring of 2015, Donna completed LifePower Yoga teacher training at Lifetime Fitness in Rochester Hills, MI.  She became a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and began her journey of connecting breath, body, and movement and sharing her passion with others.  Donna has lived in TN for less than a year and she is grateful to be a part of the CoYo team.  Donna finds joy in her yoga practice every day- on and off her mat!



Amy Morse

Amy morse profile pic

Amy began her practice of yoga in 2005 after the birth of her twins. She was then the mother to three boys, all under the age of three. A friend took her to her first class where she discovered the practice of yoga. “I

was stressed. My friend told me I needed to give yoga a try. I hadn’t been physically active since college but I tried it anyway.” Amy discovered yoga was not a fitness class, but a practice that altered her life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. “I now find meditation and inner peace through my personal practice and I want to share this practice with others so they can find inner peace and become their true selves to the outside world.”

Amy completed her first 200-Hour YA Certification through Greg Tebb and Terry Johnson of Heart Centered Yoga. This training program focused on Ashtanga Vinyasa. She completed her next 200-Hour training with Jonny Kest through LifePower Yoga. She is an avid student of ancient and modern yogic texts and looks forward to continuing her training and obtaining her 500 RYT with LifePower in February of 2016.

Her classes are Ashtanga Vinyasa based and include Ashtanga Vinyasa Full- primary Series and many varieties of vinyasa classes and yin rooted in the Ashtanga tradition. She teaches both public and private classes and has worked with children, teens, athletes, and students with physical limitations. Amy enjoys teaching asana, pranayama, and meditation. Amy believes that asana, no matter how challenging, can be accessible to all people, regardless of their level of experience or flexibility if they are willing to let go of their ego and enter the asana in their own body’s expression of it. “I want students to know that yoga isn’t just a physical practice. There are eight limbs to this philosophy and each one can help students gain wisdom and understanding of their bodies, minds, spirits and understanding other people, too.”

Ade Ojuri

ade yogaAde Ojuri is originally from California and moved to Memphis in 1995. She’s a graduate of Whitestation High School & Rhodes College. After completing her education, her curiosity for other cultures led her to travel around the world. After spending several years overseas and in other states, Ade moved back to Memphis in 2015. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Consultant & Reiki Master Healer. Ade has instructed Hot (or Bikram style) Yoga and Vinyasa classes for students of all levels, throughout the US & Costa Rica. She combines her love of movement with her knowledge of Reiki and Ayurveda to offer classes that are both challenging and restorative. Her classes and consultations are customized to accomplish your individual physical, dietary and spiritual goals. She hopes that your experience of intertwining Yoga, Reiki & Ayurveda provides you with an improved sense of well-being, relaxation and radiant health!